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Using a Fake Transcript

What I want to clarify before starting this article is that there is no way that the writer of this article endorses or encourages the use of fake transcripts. Fake transcripts are not legal, and you should not be making or using them for your own gain in circumstances to get ahead of other people or in order to deceive people because you are cheating people this way, and are taking up spots and opportunities that would have otherwise gone to more deserving candidates. Plus, in case you are found out, it will only create a bad reputation for you, making things even more difficult for you in the future.

The only situation where you might need to use a fake transcript and which can still be considered to be somewhat justified is a situation where you may have misplaced or lost your transcript and have to provide one soon. It takes times for schools or colleges to make replacement transcripts and if you happen to be in a situation where you have to present your transcript or need to have it on hand, you can then make use of a fake transcript for the time being. This is especially useful or helpful for people who are living abroad and do not have access or the means to get their actual transcript or to issue a new one. Of course, it is strongly advised that you still write the scores of your original transcript onto the fake one so that you are sincere to both yourself and whoever you are providing the transcript to. In case you are unsure of how to get a fake transcript or what template to follow, you can visit https://www.americanstudents.us/fake-transcripts-collection/ and go through a number of different templates to see which one suits you.