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Repotting Bonsai Trees

Enthusiasm about attaining a bonsai tree is appreciable but we would suggest that you first gather all information so that you know exactly how to take care of the tree.

At Bonsai Tree Gardening, you will find essential knowledge about bonsai trees so we would encourage you to visit the site. We wish to address an important part of taking care of bonsai trees which is repotting the plant when the time comes.

Time to Repot

We cannot stress enough that bonsai trees are different from other plants which is why their repotting is different though. We would advise you to check with the seller about the repotting of the tree according to its species but there is a general guideline. Most bonsai trees require repotting after 2 or 3 years but how do you tell? After 2 or 3 years, in early spring, you need to take out the bonsai tree and check whether the roots have circled around the whole root system and if they have then it is time to repot. Make sure to only do it in early spring as that is when the bonsai tree is in its dormant form and whatever damage will occur, it can recover from it easily.


  • You first need to have all the right tools at hand like scissors, root rake, chopstick and a cutter.
  • If the bonsai tree is attached to the pot then you need to cut that connection with a wire cutter.
  • With the help of root rake, remove the tree from the plant.
  • Look if the roots have circled the system or not.
  • If yes then start removing the old soil very carefully using the chopstick.
  • If there are any long roots, cut them with the scissors but do not remove more than 30% of roots.
  • Finally, repot the bonsai tree again.