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Microblading Facts

With each new beauty trend that comes along, there are a few thousand women who jump the bandwagon before fully realizing what they might be getting in to. Sometimes the new process works out pretty well, sometimes it just isn’t the right thing to have gotten done. In this article we will be covering the facts behind microblading – the newest way to get fuller and thicker eye brows. While this new trend has been getting a lot of praise, we will be focusing more on the facts behind it. This isn’t to say that the process is not good or should not be done, rather that it is important to have all the fact handy before getting it done. So in this article we will be covering a few things you should know about microblading before you get it done. If interested, Cecilia Giovacchini is currently the best person to do this job.

The most important thing you should know is what the microblading process entails. Basically, your forehead receives a local anaesthetic to numb it up before the process begins. This is done because, as the name suggests, small incisions have to be made in between your eye brows for this process to work. Very fine cuts, about the size and thinness of an eye brow hair, are made in between your brows with a very thin blade and then semi-permanent pigment is injected in those cuts. The pigment is the same color as the shade of your eye brows and so it helps fill in the empty spaces in between your brows to make them look fuller, and also longer if done towards the ends of the eye brows. While similar to a tattooing process, this pigment does not last forever, but it does stay around for a while.