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At Crêpanita du Marché, we think of people intolerant to gluten and lactose and vegans.

Erwan uses buckwheat flour from the seigneurial mill of the Carrière dit Saint-Louis certified gluten-free.

Lactose intolerant people can eat cheese at Crêpanita. Yes, yes, you read well. Indeed, Erwan uses a lactose-free emmental. So, you have the ham and cheese pancakes and the complete ones.

Notice to vegans: Erwan can make buckwheat dough without egg especially for you. Just give him a phone call and you’re done!

For sweet crepes, all spreads are homemade: dulce de leche, salted butter caramel and the famous Chocowan, which now replaces the good old Nutella. You will also be able to enjoy a pancake with our home-made whipped cream or homemade ice cream from Le Havre-aux-glace.

Good tasting.