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Measure Your Ring Size & Choose Different Styles of Rings

We are going to teach you how you can know your ring size and how to pick out rings for different occasions of your life. Different pieces of jewelry represents different things for people and some people make rings their statement piece of jewelry. If hands are your best feature, you should think about wearing rings as that will definitely attract attention to them. Even if you feel that hands are not your strongest feature, wear beautiful rings and they will bring you lots of compliments.

If you go to GalaxyGold.com, you will notice a lot of delicate and precious rings on the site. As it is a well-known company for rings, we would suggest that you buy from them but do you know which size ring you need to purchase? People often do not know their ring size for all their fingers which is why they avoid buying online. If you follow our guide below, you would be able to purchase rings online in your right size.

  • Take a string of floss and tie it around the finger that you need to purchase the ring for. As soon the end meets the beginning of the string, mark that particular point.
  • Add a millimeter to the marked spot and that is your ring size.
  • Remember that you need to remember to leave a little bit of extra space for your knuckles.
  • Always make sure to look at the company‚Äôs ring measurement chart and match your size to it.

Now that you know how to pick the right sized ring, which do you wear to different occasions? For office meetings and other formal occasions, wear one or two rings that has precious stones attached. For casual events, you can wear as many rings as you like and they can go to the highest level of boldness.