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Lost to The Sea

Trucking isn’t the same without a good old CB radio. Even when out of touch with nearby cell towers they will continue to operate. Cell phones and Wi-Fi signals never really exist when you’re going to travel long distances by road and you can bet you won’t be able to contact anyone if you blow a tire or run out of fuel. That leaves you with the only option of making sure you’re completely prepared for whatever the wild can throw at you, but it can be difficult to prepare for unforeseen circumstances because they’re exactly that, unforeseen circumstances.

With a high performance CB radio, you can reach out over 40 channels just in case you find yourself stuck on the road. Many truckers and truck stops employ this otherwise outdated electronic since it can cover a huge range and doesn’t need a cell tower like your phone would. The agency that overseas what channels a CB radio can operate on have also designated channel 9 to be an emergency so if you keep one with you in your car, you may be able to contact help. Law enforcement and truck drivers that are commonly spending their time on long distance road trips make full use of CB radios to stay in contact.

You can think of it as social media on the go. Many fellow housebound enthusiasts and bored truckers enjoy exchanging small greetings every here and there and sharing information about any road hazards or complications can be incredibly valuable. You never know when a road by the mountain suffered an earthquake or is too dangerous to cross while a storm is on the way. Along with casual chatter, keeping up to date with events that can have a meaningful impact on your journey can make a difference.