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Learn to Fight Without Fighting

So, the other day a friend of mine came up to me and was talking about how she was being followed by a bunch of creeps in an alleyway a couple of days ago. Now, naturally, being stalked by potential muggers or sexual predators can be a very frightening experience for anyone – especially for a young woman who’s on her own. So, after a little bit of a discussion on what she could do to feel safer, I suggested to her that she could try taking up a self-defence class which she agreed to but her only concern was as follows ‘I don’t want to compete or fight; I just want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu recreationally.

Now, many people feel this way about learning to fight. Let’s be honest here, a very few people are brave enough to just go ahead and start fighting another person who could potentially beat them up. The thing about learning martial arts is that you’re taught how to defend yourself in situations and your body is trained to become strong but you don’t have to fight to learn this. You do need to be very disciplined in your training though.

Learning Jiu Jutsu will teach you how to defend yourself in any situation but that’s not all it will do for you; it’s also a great way or tuning your mind and body for optimal performance so that you feel enabled and confident through and through. Joining a martial arts class will also help you vent out your anger and stress from the rest of your day. There really are no downsides to learning martial arts, now that you know that they won’t force you to brawl with another fighter.