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Knowing & Standing Up For Your Rights

The United Nations (UN) has declared there to be 30 universal human rights for every individual on this planet. So, in an ideal world, a child from Ghana has the same rights at a 50 year old banker. Of course, it is stated to be that way in paper, however we know that this isn’t how things actually are or work in the world. We know that there is still systematic racism in various institutions in one way or another, regardless of whether it is overt or very subtle.

Of course those of us who happen to be amongst the privileged majority will never really realize or understand the effects of that kind of discrimination, however, for those people that happen to be a part of that narrative, it becomes crippling. They can’t get access to the same amenities the same way we do without experiencing some form of prejudice. Minorities and marginalized communities like LGBTQA, the Trans community, POC and the Aboriginal community happen to face the brunt of it all. The aboriginal community experiences discrimination in every level, from education, healthcare, job opportunities, access to the legal system etc.

It’s something we like to pretend doesn’t happen, but it does. It is important to know and understand these rights and the fact that marginalized communities happen to have the same rights as us, rights that need to be protected and upheld. So, once you know these rights, you can stand up for them as well. Find a reliable legal firm to assist or guide you through the process and what you can do. Power Law has hands-on experience dealing with Human Rights Law as well as Aboriginal law. They have even brought up a case with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal regarding the welfare of the children of the First Nations that live on-reserve.