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How to Keep Your Dog’s Bed Clean And Fresh?

Dogs are animals that love playing around and tend to get muddy all the time so if they have their own bed, it will also easily get dirty too. The dogs that are old require a best dog beds for arthritic dogs so that they can live out their years peacefully without being in pain all the time.

Now that you know that your dog should have an orthopedic dog bed, let us move on and talk about how you should take care of the dog bed; cleanliness is the key to a dog’s healthy life which means that you would need to see that the dog bed be always clean.


Dogs tend to get into all sorts of corner and accumulate dirt and other things in their fur and once they get into their dog bed, all that dirt and other nasty things get deposited there which makes it pretty unhygienic which is why we advise that you vacuum your dog’s bed every single day and maybe even twice a day if you know that your dog spent the whole day rolling around in the dirt.

Get Rid of Stains

We all know that after a dog’s fun day, there are going to be stains all around; for example, if there are mud stains on the dog bed, take a damp cloth and remove it as much as you can and once it dries, vacuum it up.


If you want to keep your dog healthy then we would suggest that you put its bed covers in the laundry either every day or every other day. If the bed covers do not detach then you would need to read the instructions regarding washing it.