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How Online Marketing on Facebook And Other Platform Works

If you have ever clicked on an advertisement from Facebook and bought something from there, be it clothes, gadgets, services like personal training, food fares, and even tickets to airplanes or booking in other hotels, then you know how powerful these advertisements can be. But how did they know that you needed this kind of a thing, on Facebook? Well, whether it is Instagram or Facebook, the way it works is quite similar.


Based on interests, location, area, availability, and the different websites that the people have visited, the advertisements would be directed to show up on people’s Facebook, while they are randomly scrolling here and there. Retargeting also works in a similar way. So if they have visited your website but did not actually check anything out of the cart, then these advertisements can show up on their Facebook, reminding them to make the right decision.

The Message

Another quite important thing is the advert itself. Different types of people prefer different types of ads to sway them. So what these advertisement agencies do is that they not only pick out the perfect candidates to be the audience but they also send them the right kind of feed, for them to be attracted and have a higher chance of making a purchase.


If you are actually interested, you can even get the audience research consultation pack. This will help you reach the best of the audience and skip the people who would be uninterested, to make the best use out of your payment for these advertisements.

One of the platforms that can help you do all of that and much more is VoyMedia. They different tiers of options for businesses to choose from, depending on their budgets and their needs.