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Every Student’s Must Haves When Moving Into a Student Accommodation

This article is a must read for all students who are planning to move into student accommodations as we will be listing down all the things that you need to pack up for the move. Moving into a student accommodation is not easy for everyone as it is generally the first time that the person starts living alone and away from the family which is not only a huge change emotionally but it marks the time that the person is required to start taking care of every need of his/her whether it is food, laundry, cleaning, bills and what not.

If you have chosen a student housing then it is time to start packing your things so that you do not face any difficulty once you have moved in.

Bedroom Items

You would need a couple of sets of bedding, bed sheets, duvets and do not forget the pillow covers. If you are particular about your pillow choices then we recommend that you take your pillow along with you.

Bathroom Items

No matter if you have a private or communal bathroom, you would need to take along the basic bathroom cleaning products with you. The other bathroom essentials would be toilet rolls, toothpaste, toothbrush, bath towel, first aid kit, face wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner and if you have a bathroom cleansing routine then make sure to take along those products too.

Kitchen Items

It is probable that the provider of the student accommodation would equip the kitchen with the necessary appliances but it is better that you take along the main essentials like cutlery, dishes, pots, plates, glasses, mugs, knives etc.

Personal Belongings

You should take along the things that are essential or important for you but make sure to not take too many things.