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Dealing With Bunions

A bunion is the protruding bump on the side of the big toe on your feet. If you have a bump to the side of your big toe then it is very likely that you have some sort of bunion.  Your big toe begins pointing sideways towards the second toe on your foot and this will make the bones in your big toe lose their alignment. Your toe should normally be pointing straight ahead instead of sideways. However, if you experience pain in this part of the foot, feel any sort of soreness, or have some sort of redness or inflammation on the area, then you might want to get it checked as the bump only becomes noticeable later on. The formation of the bunion takes time and the bump forming is mostly something that happens towards the end of the process.

Now while you could visit a Marietta podiatrist and have the bunion removed from your foot surgically, there are also a few steps that can be taken that are not quite as extreme as this. One thing that you could do is to try and ice your foot at the place that a bunion usually forms. Icing your foot should also help reduce inflammation and any soreness or redness. Regular icing can reduce swelling and if done early on and kept up consistently then you should be able to make a huge difference in the formation of the bunion. You could also try out orthotics that have been custom made for your foot. An orthotic will not solve the issue of a bunion but what it does do is slow down the process and prevents a lot of progression happening, and it also helps relieve the pain. These are especially helpful when the bunion formation is at an early stage.