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Corsets, Ab Belts And Sauna Belts: The Difference

We have all seen different social media feeds full of different celebrities and influences talking about and promoting certain supplements or things of the like and because of their following, a lot of people do end up buying the products they recommend and in a lot of cases, they might not work out the way we expect them to. Plus, a lot of times we don’t realize that a lot of these products can have serious side effects.

Given how stomach fat is the most common concern for people all around, we will be differentiating between corsets, ab belts and sauna belts to give you a better idea. Corsets happen to be a huge trend and have a huge celebrity following from the likes of Khloe Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez etc. The entire purpose of corsets is to help cinch the waist, giving you an hourglass figure. Now the issue with corsets starts with the fact that they can actually disrupt your back alignment, leading to back issues. There is also the fact that the tighter you cinch your waist, the more it squeezes your internal organs together and disrupts their natural space.

Ab belts on the other hand, basically consist of a device which sends electrical impulses to the brain which will tell the brain to expand and contract your abdominal muscles naturally, which in turn causes you have a stronger core. They are actually really effective when done properly. You can learn more about them by check out the traininghardcore review on them. Sauna belts basically create a lot of heat which causes you to sweat a lot from your waist and supposedly help you burn fat. However, there is no conclusive evidence and mishandling of the belt can end up in you getting actual burns.