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Cook Rice Like a Pro Every Time

Preparing a nicely cooked batch of rice is not as easy as one might think, there are a lot of things that one must consider, many of which can only be figured out with practice. If you are someone who is not ready to go through the slow process of learning how to make rice but you still want to be able to enjoy freshly made rice at your home whenever you feel like it then the Vitaclay Smart Organic Multicooker Eco-Friendly Clay Inside – Fastest Cooker is for you. This multicooker is designed to function as a rice cooker, a steamer and a slow cooker, making it a pretty versatile kitchen appliance.

As the appliance’s name states; the Vitaclay is made to keep the taste of whatever gets cooked in it as natural as possible, using unglazed Zisha clay that enhances the appliance’s ability to produce flavorful food with a higher level of nutrients. Its unglazed interior also keeps the appliance more organically friendlier, meaning that this appliance lets you enjoy all the perks of technology without having to sacrifice the natural-ness of what you cook.

Speaking of technological perks, the Vitaclay has a lot to offer, this multicooker can perform four times faster than other cookers and comes with a seven function settings list, you can leave this cooker on a cooking program for as little as 10 minutes or for as much as 5 hours. Its seven different settings and multicooking options make this appliance a very powerful tool in anyone’s hand, be it an amateur wanting to make cooking simpler or a seasoned chef looking for a versatile kitchen appliance. You can read more about this promising multicooker at The Crazy Baker, they have a pretty comprehensive review that will acquaint you with this appliance quite well.