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How to Keep Your Dog’s Bed Clean And Fresh?

Dogs are animals that love playing around and tend to get muddy all the time so if they have their own bed, it will also easily get dirty too. The dogs that are old require a best dog beds for arthritic dogs so that they can live out their years peacefully without being in pain all the time.

Now that you know that your dog should have an orthopedic dog bed, let us move on and talk about how you should take care of the dog bed; cleanliness is the key to a dog’s healthy life which means that you would need to see that the dog bed be always clean.


Dogs tend to get into all sorts of corner and accumulate dirt and other things in their fur and once they get into their dog bed, all that dirt and other nasty things get deposited there which makes it pretty unhygienic which is why we advise that you vacuum your dog’s bed every single day and maybe even twice a day if you know that your dog spent the whole day rolling around in the dirt.

Get Rid of Stains

We all know that after a dog’s fun day, there are going to be stains all around; for example, if there are mud stains on the dog bed, take a damp cloth and remove it as much as you can and once it dries, vacuum it up.


If you want to keep your dog healthy then we would suggest that you put its bed covers in the laundry either every day or every other day. If the bed covers do not detach then you would need to read the instructions regarding washing it.

Healthy Hydration For Your Pet

This much is pretty obvious but if you’re going to get a pet then it’s your responsibility to give it food and water. This is something that just every pet owner has to do but if you want to be a very good pet owner, you’ll want to do these things in a way that’s even healthier for your pet. A lot of pet owners even cook treats for their beloved pets; it’s all about showing your pets how much you love them in the end.

If you have a cat or a dog as a pet, asides from their feeding time, you have to make sure that they always have a supply of water to drink from. You fill up their water bowl with fresh clean water but since you want them to be able to go back and drink it whenever they feel thirsty, you can leave this water out to stagnate. This water doesn’t immediately go bad but after a few hours, the water is no longer fresh.

The best way around this is to ditch the water bowl entirely and replace it with a fountain instead. Yes, you can buy drinking fountains for your pets to drink from. The circulating water can go for days without stagnating and the fountain lets you know when it’s time for a top up as well. Another advantage to their fountain is the fact that your pet can’t just topple it over and spill the water everywhere like they can do with the water bowl.

If your pet spills your water and you’re tired of having to go and change their water every few hours because you want your pet to be healthy then it’s a good idea to check out this Drinkwell cat fountain review.

How to Make Your Home Safe For Your Pet

If you have decided to get a pet then that is great news but before you bring it into your home, are you sure that your home is safe for it? You need to understand that animals do not always have the same acute sense of safety that humans have and even the most intelligent pets do not always know what is safe for them and what is not in a house. Since pets do not always have the complete sense of safety, they can end up hurting themselves badly with any of the items in your house.

You might not even know it but many things in your house can harm your pet and if your pet does get harmed then you should immediately rush it to the best vets in Atlanta. In order to avoid any injuries or worse things, it is necessary that you pet proof your home before you bring the pet in your home so we would be providing you with some tips about it but you are welcome to research more about the topic so that you can completely pet proof the place.

Safe Plants

It might come as a shock to you but not all plants are safe for all kinds of animals so depending on the kind of pet that you have, you would need to check whether they are safe for the pet or not and if they are not then you would need to throw them out.

Lock Up The Chemicals

By chemicals we mean your cleaning products and even your make up things, they should be locked up and out of reach of the pets because if they swallow it, it could make them very sick or something worse might happen.

Getting a Heating Pad For Your Dog

When we first got our dog regardless of whether it was years ago or just a week ago, we immediately fell in love. Dogs are very intelligent and emotionally receptive animals. They take the love they receive from you and then give it back tenfold, and sometimes the love is unconditional. Once you receive that much love, you can’t help but want to do everything you can to take care of them. Dogs, like humans have different needs. This includes physical needs like food, shelter, toys, emotional needs like attention, play and other things like going to the vet in case they get sick etc.

Another thing about dogs that resembles humans is that they also have needs that change according to the seasons. So, you need to make sure that those are taken care of in order to avoid neglect or any health problems in your dog. During colder weather, it is important that your dog is kept warm, this is where heating pads come in. You can find indoor heating pads as well as dog house heating pad outdoor versions as well. Not every dog needs a heating pad of course, for example dogs with thicker coats and heavier builds are less likely to need a heating pad compared to thinner, smaller dogs that have light fur.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be winters for your dog to use a heating pad, some dogs are in need of heating pads regardless. For example, old senior dogs need them especially if they have joint pain. Similarly pregnant or nursing dogs might also be in need for them, and lastly puppies sometimes need the additional warmth that heating pads require. Of course it is strongly advised to consult with a vet before you get one for your dog.