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Food Related Wedding Blunders And How to Avoid Them

Weddings are incredibly elaborate and can be a joy to attend, but for the wedding planners, a wedding is much like judgement day where they have to take care of countless things in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong. There are a lot of things to do in a wedding, but one of the biggest highlights is the food, which is why one should be absolutely certain about their food arrangements, catering to so many guests at one time is no easy task, meaning that there are plenty of ways in which problems can ruin your special day. Fortunately with a bit of planning and coordination, all of these blunders can be avoided and your wedding food is bound to make everyone happy.

The very first thing that one should do is making sure that there is not any miscommunication between them and their caterers, find a catering service that is cooperative and listens to you, have them pre-plan everything and review the final plan before the wedding day. Deciding all the dishes that will make up the menu and tasting all of them is also important, as for the menu itself, make sure that you do not finalize on an endless menu with countless dishes, not only will this result in food-wastage, it will also increase expenses and reduce the overall quality of your food.

When you are creating a menu for such a big and special occasion, instead of experimenting with different kinds of food combinations, it is better to stick to tried and tested favourites that have higher chances of pleasing everyone, however, you can spice things up by adding a side show such as a live food stall or something similar. Proper planning should also include forecasting the amount of food you will need to serve, while wasting excessive food is bad and costly, having to deal with a shortage can be even worse, make sure that your caterers are able to efficiently manage food preparation throughout the event, otherwise you might have to deal with impatient guests waiting to fill up their plates.

Also, remember to have an appropriate amount of waiters available at all times so that all of your guests are attended to, you should also book a venue that can comfortably hold all of your guests, nothing can ruin a wedding’s atmosphere like a crowded venue can. One big mistake that people make while planning their weddings is that they do not stick to their budget, this results in a misallocation of funds and forces people to make compromises in certain preparations. The last thing to keep in mind is to find out whether or not you have guests with special dietary needs, if yes then having specially prepared food for them can be a pretty good way of showing that you care, it can also boost the overall feel of your event in their eyes. Make sure to be thorough and thoughtful with your planning and nothing can go wrong.

Food on The Verge of Decay; a Delicacy

We have always been told that food is supposed to be eaten fresh, that the more fresh something edible is, the better it will taste, this concept is so well-engrained into our minds that the we shun away stale food, thinking of it as a disease ridden piece of filth. Despite this generally accepted way of perceiving food, there is a whole category of food items that has its very foundations based on food going stale and growing old. The act of ageing food items in order to transform them into something completely different has been in practice for a really long time, nowadays it is not as common as it used to be, but it is still in practice.

The concept of ageing food comes from olden times when we did not have refrigerators and other means of preserving food, people still needed some way of storing food so that they could stock up for the winter. Taking vegetables and dousing them in vinegar to preserve them laying out tomatoes under the sun in order to dry them up, these methods are still in practice today, if you stop and think about it, a number of well-loved food items that we use on a daily basis are in fact the products of various ingredients that were coaxed to the verge of decay and then brought back.

Cheese is created by adding bacteria into milk and leaving it in dark places for long periods of time so that the bacteria can wreak havoc on it, similarly, wine is created from fermenting grapes; the process of fermentation involves leaving the grapes to rot, converting the glucose in them into alcohol. Wine, cheese and pickled vegetables are still used quite commonly, but in some parts of the world people age meat as well, nowadays anyone would feel nauseous at the thought of eating meat that has been left out to age. However, by letting meat age in a proper manner, one can create a taste and texture that fresh meat will never be able to deliver.

Beef used to be aged for a month or so to let bacteria breakdown its muscle fibres, resulting in softer meat, but in one case, a French butcher named Alexandre Polmard offers meat cuts that date back to 2000, aged in an innovative method that involved freeze blasting meat in controlled environments. Another example of aged meat can be found in Iceland where people ferment herring meat.

Chefs across the world have started to explore this branch of cooking once again, realising that by letting food go bad and then bringing the decaying process to a halt, they are able to bring about a taste that nature simply cannot provide. Meddling with things and converting them into something else is a part of human nature, a part that has enabled humans to open doors and form paths that lead to new experiences, this form of meddling with food is a great example of such behaviour.

Charcoal Infused Food; Not as Healthy as You Might Think

2017 has been a really interesting year for the food industry, there have been countless experiments carried out by numerous chefs and food joints across the globe, mish-mashing all kinds of ingredients in order to come up with unique food items that draw customers towards them. So far we have seen beautiful pastries, colourful ice creams and more, some of the most memorable being Starbuck’s vibrant unicorn Frappuccino, a drink that was all over the internet when it came out. Another set of food items that really caught everyone’s attention were pitch black ice creams and gothic pizzas that came with blackened crusts.

These black coloured food items are not produced by adding excessive amounts of food colouring, instead, chefs make use of activated charcoal in order to achieve that strikingly dark shade. There are a lot of food joints that have been using activated charcoal to come up with dishes that are bound to make people want to try them, the charcoal has next to no taste and offers a different yet enjoyable texture. Since activated charcoal also has medicinal uses, many people claim that adding it to food items in really beneficial for your health, activated charcoal is known for gathering poisons and toxins from the body and flushing them out, it is often used in hospitals to treat patients.

However, it is not a wonder medicine that one should start eating on a regular basis, despite what people say about activated charcoal aiding digestion, experts say that too much of it can be bad for you. Activated charcoal does not discriminate on what it should absorb from your system and what it should leave alone, meaning that it can also flush out useful substances such as blood pressure medication and orally taken birth control form your body.

Food applications of activated charcoal are usually in very small doses, but there is no way of telling how much is there in the next black ice cream or dark crusted pizza that you eat. Basically, eating charcoal infused food every now and then for fun or to upload on your Instagram is okay, but eating such kinds of food on a regular basis can be harmful for you, so make sure to keep a control over yourself and remember to not overdo things.