30 More Hours With Fallout 3, Which Is Still Damn Good

Seeing the reveal of Fallout 4 at E3, I found myself compelled to return to Bethesda’s first entry in the series, Fallout 3. There’s just something about it, a special kind of magic that few games have. Initially, I didn’t plan to spend much time with Fallout 3, but it sucked me in. Within two weeks, I’ve put more than 30 hours into Fallout 3, and it’s been a doozy of a time.

Since Fallout 3’s release, we’ve seen a new great Fallout game in the same engine, New Vegas, and we’ve been treated to the wonderful Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When I first booted up Fallout 3, I was worried that the seven year old game (seven years old!) wouldn’t hold up well compared to its counterparts. Mentally, I found myself comparing how to sprint in fallout 3 to its descendants, and surprisingly, it holds up pretty well.

I have this bad habit of getting excited about playing Bethesda games, spending a lot of time heavily modding them, then finding my interest for the game waning. This time, I decided to tone things down a bit. I went into the .ini file and tweaked it to have a wider field of view—a must when playing any first-person game on a large monitor. After that, I downloaded a mod for additional map markers, which is great for finding interesting areas that Bethesda didn’t put on their maps. I messed around with a couple others, like adding more music to Galaxy News Radio, but nothing that would change the game experience too much.

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